Child therapists have a keen understanding of physical, mental, and behavioral development. They are trained to gain insight on issues that children experience, whether it’s difficulty staying attentive and engaged with schoolwork or experiencing thoughts and feelings of depression or other mental health concerns. Licensed therapists are skilled not only in the specific disciplines they practice, but in the application of these disciplines to each child’s needs. My second Master’s Degree is in Psychology, with an emphasis in Child and Adolescent Therapy. I have experience working as a school based therapist in the Los Angeles Unified School District, addressing issues such as ADHD, anxiety disorders, and classroom behavioral issues. In addition, I have worked as a Foster & Adoptions Social Worker for non-profits and for Santa Barbara Child Welfare Services. Based on your child’s needs and behaviors I am able to incorporate many forms of talk and play therapy to explore feelings related to issues such as trauma, divorce, socialization, grief, and maladaptive behaviors.

Children in therapy:

If parents of the minor are divorced I require both parents sign all the forms or provide a court custody order stating full custody.

Art therapy is integrated into the majority of interventions.